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May 26, 2013

Scifi/Fantasy movies opening in June

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The Purge – June 7

Man of Steel – June 14

This is the End – June 14

Monsters University – June 21

World War Z – June 21

Byzantium – June 28


May 24, 2013

Why I have no plans on seeing Star Trek Into Darkness

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(This is something I’ve been meaning to write for the past week, but I finally got around to it and originally posted this on my Bubblews profile.)

I grew up watching The Next Generation. I went back and watched all the Original Series and watched DS9 when it came along. I even watched most of Voyager, although looking back now I don’t remember why. When Enterprise came out, I thought of it as beating a decrepit cash cow. When they finally ended Enterprise, I was ready for Star Trek to just fade away. It had a good run, but there was no reason for it to be eternal.

When they announced they were rebooting Star Trek, I wasn’t happy. If they had started a new series set a hundred years after TNG, I would have at least given it a chance. But I loath reboots of TV shows and movies. For movies based on books, reboots aren’t always bad because different directors will see different things in the source material. But when the source material is a TV show or a movie, what’s there to reinterpret?

So I admit I wasn’t looking forward to the last Star Trek movie when I saw it with a bunch of friends. I’m a writer, and I found it poorly written. And instead of trying to make a movie with an internally consistent plot, they just threw in a bunch of fistfights, shootouts, and other action clichés in the hope the audience didn’t notice the plot holes.

I remember thinking, as I left the theater from the last movie, that they could never do a Khan movie. If they wanted to go in a whole new way, I would argue with that, but they should go in a whole new way. That means no rehashing of anything from the old, classic Trek. No Tribbles, no Gorn, no Amok Time, no whales, and definitely no Khan. I even vowed that if they did do a Khan movie, I would just give up entirely on the new series of movies because they would have shown they are not worth my time.

So for the last few months, as everyone debated who the villain would be, I seriously hoped it wasn’t Khan. But no luck. I’ve watched several reviews so I know the basic story line of Into Darkness and I seriously have no interest in seeing it. Well, someday I’ll watch it on TV, but there is no way I’ll give money to those people. In my opinion, these movies aren’t Star Trek. They are just stupid action movie rip offs of Star Trek. I almost feel that the people who own Star Trek should sue the people who made these last two movies for copyright infringement.

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