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April 25, 2012

Scifi movies opening in May

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The Avengers – May 4

(I guess they pushed it back a week.)


Dark Shadows – May 11


Battleship – May 18


Men in Black III – May 25


April 13, 2012

My second book is out!

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I’ve just self-published my second collection of short stories!  The All-You-Can-Read Buffet is a collection of forty stories covering various genres and themes ranging from six to over 4,200 words in length. They also cover a wide time range. Some of these stories I began writing a decade ago, while others were written especially for this collection. All together, they are a buffet of my writing. As such, I encourage you to read as much as you want. Go back for seconds, thirds, fourths even. I won’t even mind if you skip over the stuff you don’t like, but, to quote your mother, “How do you know you don’t like it? Have you tried it?”

For the next few days, it is only available from the Createspace site, but in the following weeks it will be picked up by other websites such as Amazon.  I have a page listing all the places you can buy it, and I suggest going there to find out more about it.

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