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September 28, 2011

Terra Nova Review

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I found the premier episode unimpressive and rather bland.  If it isn’t cancelled early, I predict it only has one, or maybe two seasons in it.  As it stands, I see no reason to continue watching this show.  I may watch another episode or two just to fuel my rage at stupid TV, but that’s the only reason I can think of to watch it.  I don’t even remember what the names of the characters are, and I don’t feel looking them up.

Here are some of the issues I had with it:

Why – unless it changes and they didn’t want to add even more exposition in the first episode – is the portal so far away from the fort?

If nobody is accustomed to the bright sunlight, why don’t they wear sunglasses?

Why are there trees growing right outside the fort?  If you’re concerned with terrorists infiltrating your camp, you would clear the area around the fort so they couldn’t sneak up.  While it is a fast growing jungle, you would certainly cut down any nearby trees, so there shouldn’t be any plant eaters munching on trees right outside the walls.  You also wouldn’t want plant eaters right outside because plant eaters are followed by meat eaters.

Speaking of meat eaters, how was that stupid girl able to elude them?  You would think that an unarmed, wounded, little morsel of meat staggering along would not last long around a pack of hungry meat eaters.  Unless they read the script and knew she had to survive.

Why would a doctor walk away to have a little chat with her husband about their son while her patient – who almost certainly is going into shock – lies on the ground bleeding and in need of surgery?

Of course, this is the same doctor who when she sees a giant leech on a guy’s back just pulls it off without – apparently – knowing if that is the best procedure for Cretaceous leeches.  It’s my understanding that if you just pull leeches off their heads could break off and stay in your skin causing problems.  But if you put salt on them or burn them with a cigarette, they’ll detach and fall off on their own.  Plus, if it only takes five seconds to pull this thing off, why did the guy have to sit there for, what was it, half-an-hour?  I’ve never had a giant leech stuck to my back, but if I knew the procedure to remove it was to just yank it off, I’d contort myself until I could get a hold of the thing and rip it off myself.

In a society that can produce miniature lasers that can cut through metal cups, and which you would think they could beef up into laser rifles that could slice dinosaurs with ease, do they stick with guns that fire bullets?

How was the Sixer prisoner able to escape without the guard raising an alarm?

And wasn’t it convenient that the Sixer prisoner just happened to walk by the former police officer who noticed something wasn’t right about him?

Of course, that was just one in a long line of happy coincidences.  Like when the main character just happened to walk by his son when his son was skipping orientation.  Like when the two guys climb a mountain to overlook the fort and they just happen to see the Sixers coming.  And then they were able to make it down the mountain and back to the fort, just in time.  And when the Sixers leave, they just happen – naturally – to find the rover of the kids.  And once they strip it they just happen to be attacked by the Slashers.  Who manage to damage the Sixer rover.  Who don’t attack – at first – the kids when they are right out in the open.  And then the stupid girl runs off into the dinosaur filled jungle, only to almost be run over by the rescue team.  And of course, the old cliché, of everything is okay, get down, there’s a dinosaur behind you!  I count that as a coincidence in that this interaction occurred between two of the main characters instead of a couple of unnamed extras.

So there is some conspiracy going on.  Okay, but either it will be this grand conspiracy that only grows in depth and complexity never to be solved and just annoying the viewers, or it will be solved and then … well, then what?  What will be the driving point of the show if the conspiracy is gone?


September 26, 2011

Terra Nova Prediction

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I don’t really know much about Terra Nova, but from the commercials, the premise looks rather stupid.  I’ll watch the pilot episode, but I don’t know if I’ll watch any more because I’m pretty sure I know what will happen.  In the future something terrible will happen that they won’t be able to fix, but they will have time travel technology.  Naturally.  There will be some technobabble about how they can’t travel into the future, and they can only travel millions of years into the past.  Despite all the background checks and everything, one or a few people bent on destroying the project will get through.  Now it is very important that there be bad guys in the series, because otherwise it will just be week after week of people being chased by dinosaurs.  And speaking of people, I predict there will be a hard ass military guy, an idealist scientist who will be beaten down by reality, the rich prick who a lot will happen to and will either remain a rich prick or will be humbled, a burned out doctor, a teenager who is smarter than all the adults and who possibly has a checkered past, and a super cheerful, everything is wonderful person who will probably become an alcoholic.  I’m interested to see how close I am.

September 17, 2011

Listen to my story “Housebreaking”

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My flash fiction story “Housebreaking” was published in issue 159 of AntipodeanSF.  They also have a podcast where the author can read their story.  But since I’m a better writer than a reader, someone else read my story.  You can hear it on AntiSF Radio Show 159 Gamma.  It begins just after the 29 minute mark.  Enjoy.

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